Hidden Town Virtual Exhibit, Project Team


Meredith Farmer, Assistant Teaching Professor of Core Literature, Wake Forest University

Daniel Ackermann, Interim Chief Curator and Curator of MESDA Collections, Old Salem Museum & Gardens

Brianna Derr, Manager of Advanced Learning Projects, Wake Forest University

Contributors from Old Salem 

Franklin Vagnone, President and CEO

Karen Walter, Director of Education

Martha Hartley, Co-Chair of the Hidden Town Project

Johanna Brown, Curator of Moravian Decorative Arts & Director of Collections

Scott Carpenter, Director of Music Programming

Contributors from Wake Forest 

Carrie Johnston, Digital Humanities Research Designer, ZSR Library

Kathy Shields, Research and Instruction Librarian for History and Social Sciences

Megan Mulder, Special Collections Librarian


Other Affiliates 

John Yeagley, Vice President, Twisted Preservation

Ruthie Dibble, Curator, The Chipstone Foundation

This project has been generously funded by Wake Forest’s Office of Civic and Community Engagement, its Humanities Institute, and the College of Arts and Sciences, through a Mellon Engaged Humanities Course Localization Planning Grant, an Academic and Community Engagement Fellowship, and Course Enhancement Funding. 


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