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  • Where can I learn more about the Hidden Town Project?
    We'd recommend starting at Old Salem Museum and Gardens' official page, but you also might be interested in local news coverage: Hidden In History: Old Salem’s Hidden Town: Old Salem’s new Hidden Town Project explores the untold story of free and enslaved African-Americans living in Salem. The Chronicle: Old Salem’s enslaved and free Africans come to light The Chronicle: Slaves and freemen lived in shadows of Salem
  • Where can I find more educational resources from Old Salem and Wake Forest?
    Old Salem Museum and Gardens has been at work on a number of educational resources, including the Exploratorium, an online field trip series for schools that have had to cancel due to Coronavirus! The Wake Forest Historical Museum has produced virtual tours of Wake Forest's original campus, which include information about slave labor on that campus. The Office of Civic and Community Engagement at Wake Forest has also curated a number of educational resources, including Wake Reads, Kids Cooking, and Stem@Wake.
  • Can I read more about this Virtual Exhibit?
    You can read a recent interview with the Office of Civic and Community Engagement here.
  • Can I get in touch with you?
    If you have questions about the website or its content please email If you're interested in joining our project team, contact Meredith Farmer at

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